Flower of Life Hexagon Mandala Kids 6m-1yr Leggings


Baby Leggings



Custom Design Details:

Flower of Life Hexagon Mandala – Multicoloured.
It features beautiful vivid colours with intense depth and multiple dimensional perspectives. Inspired by the ceilings of sacred buildings, stained glass windows, the shapes of sound “cymatics”, the shape of molecules “hexagons” and the shapes of life, magnetics and cellular division “the flower of life”. Sacred geometry in Mandala form. Meditative just to look at this one is magnificent.. one could stare for hours and still not take in all of the minute details.

Product description

Baby Leggings Details:

Good things come in small packages.  

Now our completely hand made in Montreal leggings fit your little ones!  Available in sizes 6 months to 3 years, dress up your baby legs in custom designs and art.


Currently our baby leggings are available in 4 sizes as represented in the chart below.  Currently we offer 4 sizes including 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year old.  

Baby Leggings testing report results

Our supple and soft polyspandex legging fabrics allow your baby freedom of movement while fitting well.  Our leggings leave ample area for diapers and won’t squeeze too tighly at the waist.  The vivid prints can be washed over and over with no fading to the print and no shrinking of the fabric.   Our baby legging fabric is quickdry, easy to care for,  and has natural antibacterial properties.  


Clothing designed for children is required by law to pass compliance testing in order to be determined safe for wearing.  Our supplier worked with a 3rd party accredited testing lab in the USA to certify our baby leggings. Below is a copy of the certificate stating the section the leggings/fabric/print were tested for and the results (PASS!). The report was completed Dec 10, 2014.

Baby Leggings testing report results


Made from “Ecopoly” 88% polyester 12% spandex performance wear fabric manufactured in Canada.  Water based inks

Every pair of leggings and capris is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada. The fabric we use is also manufactured in Canada. Our fabrics are made with EcoPoly, a production process that uses significantly less water than other polyester production processes.

Our leggings and capris are printed using solvent free sublimation inks.  This printing method gives a vibrant, beautiful range of colours.  We have worked with colour specialists to provide the most accurate colour matching to our original artwork as possible on fabric.  And the most important part?  Your printed leggings/capris won’t fade after wearing or washing!  Your printed leggings/capris are also easy to care for.  Custom printed clothing is like getting a tattoo; Once you have one, you’ll want many more!

Like all of our exclusive design & handmade products, our custom artwork leggings are made in Canada, sweatshop free.

Care Instructions:

Easy to care for and keep looking new! Machine or hand wash your leggings and capris in cold water. Tumble dry on regular or hang to dry. Please do not bleach. Fabric is naturally quickdry so you won’t have to wait long before wearing again.



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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 in

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