Hats & Scarves

All of our designs are exclusive to Maverick CreatriX and our select retailers. You won’t find these designs anywhere else in the world! Designed by Shylo Love, they feature sacred geometry, colourful mandalas, sacred symbols such as the flower of life, metatron’s cube, sri yantra, and reformats of many of her original airbrushed works, oil paintings and digital designs.

Like all of our handmade products, our custom artwork leggings & capris are made in Canada, sweatshop free.

Clothing and accessories inspired by ancient alchemy, vintage looks, retro and antiqued textures. Many products feature actual illustrations from vintage books on Alchemy, Hermetics, Occult, Mystism, Metaphysics, Spirituality and more, reproduced and formatted for apparel use. Bringing back a bit of taboo and mysterious historical documents from the archives of humanity…

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